Which One Is More Preferable Gas Or Wood Burning Fire Place?

Original: Choosing Between Gas And Wood Burning Fireplaces

which one is more preferable gas or wood burning fire place?

One of the best places to be at the time of winter is in front of the fireplace. Installing a fire place adds the value to your home. When you think of building a dream house you would surely want a fireplace for staying warm during winter.

You might think of installing a fire place in your home. Fireplaces mostly are of two type wood burning fire places and gas fireplaces.

There are several factors that have to be considered while deciding which type is more preferable for you. Both the types differ slightly in features and both have their own benefits.

Wood burning fire places

Wood burning fire places will provide you yellow flames and red hot coals which make the room warm and comfortable during winters. If wood fireplaces are big enough they can also be used to cook food like marshmallows.

But for these fireplaces you require dry wood and if you live in city you might not be allowed to cut down the tree you will have to buy wood from grocery store or from the wholesaler in bulk.

Wood burning fire places have energy efficiency of only 15% which is highly low as compared to furnaces

Wood burning fire places are needed to be inspected three times annually. Building up a wood burning fire place can cost you up to 10000$. Burning wood can cause air pollution inside and outside the house.

Gas fireplaces

Gas fire places are made up of latest technology and are highly energy efficient. Gas fireplaces have many advantages over wood fireplaces. You don’t have to cut wood or store wood for the entire season.

Gas fire places require to be maintained only once per year. Gas fireplaces have energy efficiency of 80%-98%. Gas fire places are easy to maintain and to operate. They do not require regular cleaning.

You can easily turn your gas fireplace on and off, they also save large amount of energy and they radiate heat nicely and some contain fans to circulate the heat efficiently.


Thus gas fire places have many advantages over wood burning fire places, call the HVAC professional to convert your wood burning fire place into a highly energy efficient gas fire place.




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