When And How To Change Furnace Filters?

Original: When And How To Change Your Furnace Filter In Your City

Rephrased: when and how to change furnace filters?

Furnace filters trap the dirt and the other particles present in the air. Once the filters become dirty they will not be able to trap these particles which means that air entering the house will be full of dirt and you will be breathing that air in.

Dirty air filters also reduce the air flow inside the system. They also reduce the efficiency of your furnace. So there are good reasons that you must keep on changing the filters of your furnace at regular time periods.

When to change the furnace filters.

There are the various factors which determine how often you must change your air filters.

• Type of furnace filter

Furnace filters differ from each other based on the material, thickness and other differences. If you buy a cheap filter of low quality you have to change it every month but a high quality filter can last as long as three months.

• Allergies

If any member of your house is having allergies problem then you have to change the filters more often.

• Presence of animals

Pets are the other factors which affect the furnace filters. Pet’s hair move inside the entire house and get trapped in the filters which make it dirty.

So if you have pets in the house filters are to be changed more often.

• Other factors

There are various other factors that are to be considered. Like weather or amount of dirt in the house. If it is summer season than furnace will not be in much of the use so filters of furnace will last longer.

If you find excess of dirt in the house than you must change the filters more quickly.

How to change furnace filters

1. Turn off the power of your furnace from thermostat and from the circuit board.

2. Locate the filters of the furnace. Furnace filters are present between the two metal lips.

3. Pull the old filter out of the furnace.

4. Look for the arrows which are printed on the on the new furnace filter.

5. The arrow must always face towards the furnace and away from the return air ducts.

6. Carefully slide the filter in the air filter box in the right orientation.



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