What Is Furnace Humidifier?

Lack of humidification in the cold winter months can cause many respiratory diseases. When the heating season starts people get caught by cold and cough most of the people blame winter for their diseases. But the real cause for these problems is the dryness.

Humidifiers maintain the right level of humidity inside your house. Humidity can help you in being more comfortable in cold winter months.

Types of furnace humidifier

1. Drum type

In these purifiers there is a tray of water and the drum rotating through it. A small motor rotates the drum and start absorbing water. Warm air passes from the furnace moves through it and carries moisture. This air containing moisture moves across the room through the ducts.

2. Disc humidifiers

These humidifiers consist of a wheel which is made of plastic and it rotates through the water like the drum style humidifier. This system does not lose its efficiency and does not face the problem of stagnant water.

3. Cascade type

These humidifiers do not have water tray. An electric tray present at the top controls the water supply of the humidifiers.

When the humidistat needs water valves open and water starts dripping from the metal pad. Excess of water is drained with the help of condensate pump.


Humidifiers provide water vaporous to the duct system. The water vapour humidifies the air and also do not allow harmful chemicals from entering the house. Water is supplied with the help of distribution tray that adds vapour inside the system from time to time.

There are three ways to enter moisture into the room.

It generates high amount of moisture.

Fan humidifier: a fan moves the air through the evaporative pad to spread humidified air through the entire house.

Bypass humidifier: part of the air stream is directed through the unit and the evaporative pad to move moisture throughout the house.
Which method is preferable for your HVAC system is decided by the professional.


1. Maintaining the right amount of humidity prevents various respiratory problems.
2. Without humidifier your floors and walls can get cracked and your components can also be damaged.
3. Humidifiers help in saving energy.




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