Simple Steps to Take When Cleaning a Humidifier Wick

Cleaning a humidifier wick ensures that the correct amount of water vapor is added to your air without the presence of contaminants or pollutants. In most evaporative humidifiers, the wick is a filter made of absorbent material. Air that passes through the wick receives moisture from the reservoir and disperses it into your living space to optimize indoor comfort. Cleaning a humidifier wick should be done every one to two weeks, usually while cleaning your water reservoir.

  • First, disconnect the humidifier from your A/C power outlet. Then, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for opening your humidifier and removing the wick. Normally, this is an easy procedure that requires no tools.
  • Next, rinse the wick under a stream of warm water. A hand-held sprayer, if available, is particularly useful for applying a strong cleansing stream of water to the wick.
  • Where there are any areas of dirt accumulation and other contaminants on the wick, scrub the surface with an old toothbrush or soft scrub brush.
  • When the wick appears clean, prepare a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water in a pan or bowl. Soak the wick in the mixture for at least 45 minutes. During the soaking time, you should scrub any stubborn spots again with a soft brush to fully remove contamination.
  • Next, rinse the wick thoroughly in clean water and towel dry. Take care not to wring out or deform the wick while it’s still wet as it may pull apart. If the wick still appears dirty or contaminated after the cleaning process, discard and replace it with a new wick.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean and/or disinfect any other components, such as the water reservoir, then reinstall the wick and refill your unit with water. Lastly, plug the evaporator back into the A/C electrical outlet.

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