How Frequently Will I Need Gas Furnace Service?

You must call a HVAC professional to come and inspect the performance of the furnace. Furnace is the important component for almost every house to keep them comfortable from the cold winter months.

A furnace can be oil or natural gas furnace. You can find a high efficiency with 97% efficiency and a medium efficiency furnace of 80% efficiency. However for your furnace to run at maximum efficient it must be serviced regularly.

Servicing your furnace will prevent it from gas leaks, components failure or break downs during winter months.

How often to do the service

A HVAC professional will always tell you get your furnace serviced at least once in a year. The servicing of your furnace must be done by the qualified and the trained technician. The manufacturers will consider the warranty of your furnace only if it is serviced yearly.

Some of the experts say that new furnace can be inspected once in every two years but after it has been more than 10 years old it must be inspected annually.

There can be nothing worse than the furnace breakdown on a freezing day. You must do the servicing of your furnace before the start of winter season to prevent yourself from this problem.

Servicing will make sure that your furnace is at the peak during the cold winter months.

Along with annual servicing of the furnace you must change the air filters every month. As a clogged filter reduces the air flow inside the furnace and reduces the efficiency of your furnace.

Annual service of the furnace can alone eliminate most of the common problems of the furnace and will minimize the chances of furnace breakdown.

Benefits of yearly service

• Servicing your furnace annually helps it to run smoothly.

• Servicing your gas furnace reduces the chances of carbon monoxide gas leak inside the house.

• Helps in increasing the efficiency of your furnace and the furnace will reach the required room temperature quickly.

• Annual service increases the life span of your unit.

• Inspecting the heat exchanger, gas burner and gas valve calibration is necessary to keep your home safe.

• To keep the warranty of your furnace valid it must be inspected once in every year.

• Servicing the furnace reduces the need of additional repairs which saves your cost.

Buying furnace requires large amount of investment taking care of your furnace is necessary. Yearly service and maintenance of the furnace is just the first step towards it.



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