How Do You Detect Air Leaks In Gas Furnace System?

Air leaks in the gas furnace are most common causes if your home is not heating properly. Air leaks in the furnace can result in high electric bills, makes the furnace work harder, reducing the energy efficiency and also the life of your furnace. There could me many cause for the air leak in the furnace.

To find out the leak in your furnace following steps must be taken.

Step 1: checking the doors and windows

• On the cold winter months put your hand on the corner of the doors and the windows if you feel cold air on your hand there is a air leak.

• Try to shake the glass pane of your windows, if your windows shake easily then they are not properly tight and air leaking air.

Step 2: air duct leaks

• Check your ducts for the air leaks air ducts are the most common cause for the air leaks in your furnace.

• Pass alight through the furnace if light breaks at any point then there are leaks. Use a duct tape to seal the leaks

Step 3: find out indoor leaks

• Move around inside the house to find out leak in your system.

• Cover the following areas of your home to look for the leaks electric outlets, base boards, attic doors, fireplaces.

Step 4: find out leak outside the house

• Go outside the house and check the corners off the walls and find out if there are gaps between them.

• Search for gaps where the bricks meet the foundation.

Step 5: air leak detectors

• Turn on the air leak detectors.

• Move the light of the leak detectors in those areas where there are chances of air leaks.

• If there is presence of cold air in any part of the house the light will turn blue.

Step 6: pressurization test

• Turn off your gas furnace.

• Close all the doors and the windows of your house.

• Turn on the exhaust fans of your house.

• Light an incense stick around the corners or any parts where there are chances of leak. If the smokes goes inside the room from any part then there is a leak.

Step 7: calling a professional

• If you cannot find out the leak in the house with following steps and still your gas furnace is not working properly call the professional to perform some tests.



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