Gas Furnace Replacement

To create comfortable atmosphere inside your house a sound and an efficient heating system is required. This type of system will heat the home more quickly and without consuming more energy.

An old furnace system consumes more electricity, more gas and takes longer time to heat the home. Sometimes repairing your system will do the job but someday you will have to replace your furnace.

When to replace the furnace?

People generally do not replace the furnace as it is an expensive work but there are several signs which show that furnace must be repaired.

1. Age of your furnace

Every equipment runs for a particular time. Furnace also has its life. After that you must change your furnace to prevent from the cost of repairing and high electric bills. A furnace normally runs for 18-20 years if your furnace is older than that then you must replace your furnace.

2. High electric bills

With the continuous use furnace losses its efficiency and costs more than it must do. Furnace will not be able to generate the same amount of heat. It will take longer time for the furnace to cool the room this will result in high electric and utility bills.

3. Repairing cost

Old furnace requires regular repairing work. But if it cost large amount of money then it is time for you to replace your furnace. If the cost repairing if 50% or more the cost of new furnace you must repair it.

4. Not keeping comfortable

If you find some rooms of your house colder or hotter than other rooms or you keep on adjusting your thermostat to keep you comfortable it is the sign that you must replace your furnace.

5. Flame of burner not blue

If the colour of the flame of your burner is yellow or flickering it is a symbol that your furnace is creating harmful carbon monoxide combustion. There are various other reasons for the carbon monoxide leak rust on the vent pipe, large amount of moisture on windows, walls or on the cold places or rusting of flue pipes makes sure that your home has carbon monoxide detectors installed in your house.

6. Noisy furnace

With the passage of time the heat exchanger present inside your furnace will develop cracks. You can hear different types of noises coming out of your furnace. Noise mostly comes because of the broken components, damaged motors etc. So if you have old furnace instead of repairing these you must buy a new furnace.

7. Dirt inside the house

Old furnaces lack the ability to filter the air of your home properly which can be harmful to the health of your family members.
Why to replace the furnace

• New furnace will keep you comfortable by maintaining the desired temperature without wasting much of the time.
• New furnaces prevent you from regular repairing cost and make sure that clean air reaches inside your house.
• Clean furnace increases the energy efficiency of your system.

Replacing a furnace is something which requires proper knowledge, experience and training so instead of trying to replace a furnace manually you call a professional to do this job.

A professional makes sure that the ducts of furnace are properly installed and furnace work with maximum efficiency.



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