Furnace Replacement Cost

All electric equipment have certain amount of life. If your furnace is more than 20 years old and requires a regular repairing work then it needs to be replaced. If cost of repairing the furnace is 50% the cost of furnace replacement then replacing will be a better option.

The cost of furnace depends upon which type system you choose. A high efficiency furnace will be expensive but will save your money in long run.

Cost of new furnace

Electric furnaces

These are the least expensive furnaces but consume large amount of energy. A electric furnace uses electricity to generate heat so it will result in high electric bills. The furnace costs around 1000$ to 1500$.

Gas furnaces

Natural gas furnaces are most commonly used in a residential complex. A gas furnace uses gas to generate heat hence they consume less energy than electric furnace.

• A gas furnace which does not requires any duct work will cost around 400$-2000$
• A medium efficiency central heating gas furnace costs around 900$-3500$
• While a high efficiency furnace costs around 3000$-12000$

Oil furnaces

Oil furnace runs for mostly 15-20 years. It is difficult to install a gas furnace in your house you can prefer a oil furnace. Replacement cost of oil furnace is 2000$ to 8000$. The cost can increase if the duct work needs some changes.

Other costs

1. If you want to replace your old furnace with a high efficiency gas furnace a chimney line is required to be installed which costs around 400$ to 700$ and for oil furnace cost will be around 500$-2000$.
2. Changing the fuel or the oil tank costs around 500$ to 3000$.

Factors that can create price variation

• The brand you choose.
• Energy efficiency of your system.
• Size and the power of you unit.
• If ducts require some changes for installing a furnace it could increase the cost.




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