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Let us today get a brief idea about the installation of outdoor furnace. Outdoor furnaces are designed in such a way that they can heat a home sufficiently during the cold winter days and nights. Moreover, outdoor furnace is better because firewood is cheaper than oil or natural gas and also it is a natural source which can be easily replenished. As you can understand outdoor furnaces are certainly designed in a way so that they can be successfully placed outside your homes and supplement the heat source of your house thus lowering your overall heating cost. However, one thing which should obviously be remembered is to choose the right size of the outdoor furnace.

Disclaimer: Although this is the typical method to install the ductless split systems, it can vary from house to house and please consult your professional HVAC contractor as below details are for information purpose only.

The steps that you can follow while installing an outdoor furnace are the following:

• It is important to make a concrete pad that is large enough to hold your furnace and at the same time there should be enough space for you to stand. It is imperative that the pad is at least 4 inches deep.

• The next step is to dig a trench below the frost line from the furnace to the house with the help of a backhoe. The importance of trench is to prevent the heat loss and the freezing of the pipe at the same time. This is because the ground temperature will be something between 45 and 55 degrees of Fahrenheit.

• After this one should place the furnace on the concrete pad.

• As a next step you should measure the distance between the house and the furnace. Once that is done, you need to take a hot water pipe and put it in the trench.

• Next it is necessary that a heat exchanger is placed in the outlet ventilator of the furnace. There is no need to worry about this because you will be able to get a heat exchanger that fits your plenum.

• After this, one end of the PEX pipe should be connected to the furnace and the heat exchanger must be connected to the hot water heater.

• The next step is to put the circuit box into the breaker box, then the 110V Wire should be attached to the circuit breaker and the furnace. The thermostat needs to be installed and connected.

• Finally, you should fill the furnace with water and start the fire.

Last but not the least, it is recommended that you employ a professional for the installation process so that you do not face any kind of trouble in the later stages.

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