Furnace Cleaning

It is important to clean your furnace a clean furnace. Dirt and dust make your furnace inefficient and can cause damage to your system. Dirt reduces the air flow inside your system and reduce air flow makes your furnace work harder to heat your home.

Dirt and dust build up can also cause damage to the components of your system. A clean furnace works highly efficiently and maintains the desired temperature without consuming more energy.

How to clean your furnace

Step 1:

Before starting the cleaning process it is necessary to ensure safety of your furnace. Turn off the furnace from the thermostat. You should also remove the fuse and turn off your circuit.

Step 2:

Find out the valve that controls the natural gas of your furnace turn off the valve.

Step 3:

Remove the access panels of your furnace. They are mostly fixed with the help of screws. After removing the panels clean them with the help of cloth.

Step 4:

Remove the filter carefully from the furnace. Clean the filter if it looks dirty. If the filter cannot be cleaned it will be more preferable to replace it.

Step 5:

Remove the bolts and the screws on the blower. Fan will be connected with several wires do the markings or take a picture of the wire connection.

Step 6:

Use a soapy water to clean your blower motor assembly. Use small brushes to clean the blades of your system. Remove the blades of blower motor and clean them.

Step 7:

Make use of the vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt and the dust on the block of the heat exchanger.

Step 8:

Remove the dust build up on the pilot light and the igniters. You can make use of straw to blow the air on these components.

Step 9:

Change the belts of your blower motor and do the oiling where ever you required.

Step 10:

Place the blower assembly back inside the furnace reconnect the wires if you have disconnected them.

Step 11:

Place the access panels of the furnace back on its place. Plug the furnace turn in the circuit and thermostat.



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