Forced Air Propane Gas Heater

A furnace running on propane gas to generate heat energy for the house is one of the most efficient heating systems. Heating is most popular and recognized use of propane gas. In gas furnaces heat is produced by the fuel combustion.

In propane gas furnaces, heat exchanger does not allow combustion by products to air stream. Propane Gas is the most common source for forced air furnaces.

The furnace is ignited with the help of spark of electricity or pilot light. In gas furnaces burner is present inside the heat exchanger.
A propane forced air heating system can be standard efficient with 80% energy efficiency and a high efficiency heating system with the efficiency of 90%-97%. Output ratings of propane heater are normally between 4000BTU to 12000BTU.


A propane forced air heater can be central heating system to cool the entire house or the propane space heater to cool only one room.

1. Central heating system

Propane gas furnace take the present in the outside, heat that air and the heated air is supplied to the house through the ducts. Flue gases generated during the combustion process are removed from the furnace through heat exchanger.

Most of the forced air propane heat exchanges are used for heating as well as cooling the house. Central propane heaters are controlled with the help of thermostat. And are more energy efficient than electric heat exchanges.

Central heating systems are used to heat entire house, buildings or big complexes.

2. Space heaters

Propane forced air heat exchanges can be free standing or fixed systems. Space heater are mostly used for cooling one room or small places

Types of propane air forced space heaters

a. Free standing

A free standing heater does not require to be placed on the wall. A free standing system is not fixed any where it has components like base, body and a propane tank attachment.

b. Fixed standing

A fixed propane heat exchanger is installed permanently on the wall. Heaters should be installed away from the curtains, towels and other combustible substances. Installing a system on wall prevents the danger to the people walking around.




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