Forced Air Furnace

In forced air heating system air is used as the medium to transfer heat. To distribute heat they are depended on ducts, vents and plenums. Heat is carried through ducts inside the heat to maintain the desired temperature of your thermostat. Once the temperature is reached thermostat shuts off.

There are different types of forced air heating systems. Main difference between different types of forced air heating system is the component used to heat the system. Most of the furnaces that are used today forced air furnaces.

Most of the furnaces are highly energy efficient and keep your house comfortable through the whole winter season. Forced air furnace can be up to 96% energy efficient

Components of forced air furnace

A forced air furnace uses different components like heat exchanger, blower motor, air filter, air handler various other components for heating your home.


Different types of forced air furnaces are

There are mainly two types of forced air furnaces that is
• Gas furnace
• Electric furnace

Gas furnaces

In gas furnaces heat is produced by the fuel combustion. In gas furnaces heat exchanger does not allow combustion by products to air stream. Gas is the most common source for forced air furnaces.

The furnace is ignited with the help of spark of electricity or pilot light. In gas furnaces burner is present inside the heat exchanger.

Types of gas furnaces are

• Natural gas furnace
• Propane gas furnace
• Oil furnace

Electric furnace

A simple heating component is used to warm the air. When thermostat signals the heat blower motor and the electric component are turned on. Once the required temperature is reached thermostat turns off both the devices.

As they work completely on electricity they are less energy efficient. However maintenance cost of electric furnaces is low.

Benefits of furnaces

1. Most of the forced air furnaces are highly energy efficient.
2. Forced air furnaces reach the desired temperature quickly and keep you comfortable.
3. It is not difficult to install a forced air furnace.
4. Forced air furnaces are low cost highly energy efficient heating and cooling systems.
5. These types of furnaces are safe and have a long life.
6. They use air filters to remove the dirt and dust from the air before it reaches the house.




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