Common Gas Furnace Problems That Lead To Repair

At the start of the heating season many face the problem of improper functioning of the natural gas furnace. The gas furnaces are more preferable than oil furnace as they face fewer problems.

Gas furnaces problems can be easily identified. However most of the furnace problems can be avoided by taking the preventive steps.

There are few problems which are commonly found in the gas furnaces

1. Dirty filters

If the filters are not changed at regular intervals they will become dirty and clogged. The clogged filter will reduce the air flow inside the furnace and can result in proper heating of the house, furnace will take more time to reach the desired temperature and lack of air flow can also damage the components.

2. Not generating enough heat

This problem generally occurs due to lack of air flow or problems in the gas burners. If the furnace filters are clean and is still not working properly call a professional to clean and adjust the furnace.

3. Blower motor always running

You may find the blower motor running if your thermostat is set to “fan continuous” mode. Change the settings of the thermostat if this is not the reason than you may have to replace or repair the fan limit control switch.

4. Noisy operation

You may hear the different types of noises coming out of the system because of the different problems.

You may hear the loud noise coming from the blower motor which shows that the motor may need some oiling or not properly fixed. A low noise can be heard because of the problems in pilot light or the gas burners.

5. Furnace not heating at all

If your furnace is not generating any heat at all check your thermostat if it is set heat mode. If thermostat is proper than there might be problems in power supply, gas or the pilot light call a professional to repair the problem.

6. Frequent on/off cycle

If your gas furnace is turning on and off continuously it indicates lack of air flow or faulty thermostat. Try changing the air filters and batteries of the thermostat.

7. Gas leak

If you smell the natural gas in your house do not light matchsticks or turn on any of the switch open all the doors and windows of your house and turn off the gas valve.

Move outside the house call the gas utility department to find and seal the leak do not enter the house until the problem is completely solved.

Most of the problems occur due to lack of maintenance. Your furnace must be inspected annually by a HVAC professional to make sure that it is free from any problem and is running efficiently.



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