Best Time To Replace A Gas Furnace

Replacing a furnace could be highly frustrating work for the home owners as they have never faced this problem before. It is necessary to replace your furnace at the right time before it consumes high electric bills and starts costing you large amount for repair work.

Buying a new furnace requires a large amount of investment and waiting for a longer time to replace your furnace can prove costly.

It is necessary to know the best time to replace the furnace. There are certain signs which show that your furnace is almost at the end and you must buy a new one.

1. Age of your furnace

If your furnace is serviced every year and maintained properly than it will run for almost 20 years. After that time your furnace will no longer remain energy efficient.

2. High energy bills

Increasing energy cost is not the only reason of increase in your energy bills. Furnaces lose their energy efficiency after certain time period particularly if they are not maintained properly.

So they take longer and time high amount of energy to heat your house which will result in high energy bills.

3. Efficiency of your furnace

If your gas or oil furnace has the efficiency of 80% after running for 20 years its efficiency level will come down to 60%-65%. Buying a new furnace with 97% energy efficiency will lower down your electric bills by 10%-15%.

4. Defective blower motor

If you hear strange squealing sound coming from your furnace it may be the sign showing that you must replace your blower motor.

Buying a new blower motor will cost near to 500$ or even more there is no point in replacing your blower motor if your furnace is already 15 years old.

5. Flame of your furnace.

All furnaces run at the risk of carbon monoxide emission. If the flame of your furnace is yellow there is a chance that carbon mono oxide is being created by your furnace.

6. Asking a professional

It will be a better idea to call a professional for checking your furnace and tell whether it needs any repairing work or not.

7. Other signs

There might be many other signs showing that your furnace must be replaced.

• Humidity problems in the home,

• some rooms are hot and some are cold,

• dust or dirt particles coming out of the furnace,

• furnace not able to reach the desired temperature

Are certain sings show that you must replace your furnace.

Which time of the year you must buy the furnace?

Best time to buy the furnace will be during February to April because at this time of the year furnaces are not in much of the demand and you can easily get a furnace at low price and will be provide you proper time to select the furnace.



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