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Blog Title: What steps should be taken when the air conditioner freezes
What steps should be taken when the air conditioner freezes
Category: Commercial Air Units Post By: ANNA K (Columbus, OH), 11/10/2016

"Frozen air conditioner is a common problem with which homeowners might have to deal with quite frequently but there is nothing much to worry because following a few things will solve the problem within some time.Hence, when you notice a frozen air conditioner, the first thing that you need to do is turn off the air conditioner so that it can thaw. You can even switch on the HVAC fan so that the thawing process is made faster. However, you need to ensure that the fan is not set at a cooling mode. A hair dryer could also be used to warm the coils of the air conditioner so that the thawing takes place faster.It is recommended that air filters be checked because dirty filters are one of the potential causes of frozen air conditioner. In case dirty filters are found it should be replaced immediately.Similarly, the drain pans and the condensate line must also be checked. In fact, the drain pans need to be emptied when there is a frozen air conditioner.Lastly, the air vents must be inspected for blockage. If there is any blockage it needs to be removed immediately. This is because blocked vents means restricted airflow which in turn causes a strain on the air conditioner.Finally, when the thawing process is over the air conditioner must be turned on and checked whether it is giving out cool air. In case it is able to cool the rooms once again it means that the unit is functioning well."

- DEBRA G (Portland, OR), 11/11/2016
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