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Blog Title: What are the different kinds of attic vents?
What are the different kinds of attic vents?
Category: Hvac Vents Post By: BRENDA M (Washington, DC), 11/10/2016

"A home that is comfortable with proper air circulation should have the right kind of attic insulation. It is attic ventilation that prevents the formation of condensation, wood rot, mildew, and rusting metal. However, when all these problems develop the roof of the house suffers the most which in turn causes different kinds of health hazards to the people living in the house. Hence, proper attic ventilation is important.There are different kinds of attic ventilation. They are Soffit vents, gable vents, Ridge vents, and Static vents. Among these different kinds of vents ridge vents are considered most effective and gable vents are not that beneficial. Ridge vents are highly advantageous because they offer evenly distributed ventilation along the entire roof and they are effective throughout the year. Moreover, they also have a design that maximizes airflow.However, irrespective of the kind of attic vents that you are using there are certain things that needs to be kept in mind. There should be a balance between intake and exhaust and in case a balance cannot be achieved intake should be more than exhaust. The attic vents should never be installed in the middle of the roof and there should not be any kind of blockage in the vents. Keeping these tips in mind can easily give you a comfortable home."

- CAROLYN T (Baltimore, MD), 11/11/2016
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