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Blog Title: What are the advantages of heat pumps?
What are the advantages of heat pumps?
Category: Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Post By: CYNTHIA G (Mesa, AZ), 11/07/2016

"Heat pumps can be a great alternative to the existing HVAC system. There are three types of heat pumps. They are the air source heat pumps, the water source heat pumps, and the geothermal heat pumps. Among these the air source heat pumps are the most common and the geothermal pumps are the most efficient. There are numerous advantages associated with heat pumps. Let us have a look at the following.A heat pump can provide a year round comfort as it can be used both for cooling as well as heating your home. Thus, there is no need to have separate units for cooling and heating the home.Heat pumps are more efficient than the most advanced gas furnace. In fact, heat pumps have efficiency as high as 170 to 330 percent.With heat pumps you can stay away from the unstable fuel prices. As heat pumps operate on electricity there is no reliance on fuel deliveries and fuel prices.Heat pumps have lower heating and cooling costs as they are more efficient. The result is heat pumps can run for shorter duration and make the homes comfortable.Lastly, heat pumps are environment friendly as they have minimum carbon footprint."

- JUDITH K (New Orleans, LA), 11/08/2016
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