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Blog Title: How air ducts affect energy efficiency?
How air ducts affect energy efficiency?
Category: Solar Air Conditioners Post By: KATHERINE J (Virginia Beach, VA), 11/07/2016

"Did you know the air ducts are integral to a home’s comfort system? It is through the air ducts that the heated and the cooled air enter in and out of the home. In fact, air ducts have a major role to play when it comes to energy efficiency of homes. But in many cases it is seen that air ducts are neglected among the lot because they are hidden beneath the walls and the ceilings.Basically, there are two ways through energy is lost through air ducts. They are through air leakage and heat conduction. When cracks or holes develop in the duct system of the house the conditioned air escapes out of the home and at the same time, the outside air can also enter within the home. The result is that the comfort level is disrupted and in turn makes the HVAC unit work hard to bring about the desired level of comfort within the home. This causes wastage of energy and the HVAC units in the long run become less efficient.Another way through energy efficiency of a home is affected through ductwork is when the duct walls are heated or cooled which in turn heats or cools the air outside the air. In this case as well the conditioned air escapes out of the home making the HVAC unit work harder.Hence, it is imperative that leaks and conduction be stopped if you want the duct system of your home to contribute to the energy efficiency. The leaks should be sealed and the location of the ductwork should always be in a conditioned space of the home."

- CHERYL F (Wichita, KS), 11/08/2016
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